Jack Hamm

Jack Hamm

Jack Hamm was a talented graphic illustrator from years gone by. His work has appeared in Christian and secular, magazines and newspapers across the country.


Jack Hamm was born in 1916 in Wichita, Kan., and was drawing by age 5. At a revival meeting in his youth in Elkhart, Kan., he felt the calling to the ministry. But for 20 years, he wavered between the pulpit and the drawing board.

After graduating high school, he attended the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago but had to drop out twice for financial reasons. He turned to professional cartooning, illustrating such strips as Bugs Bunny and Alley Oop, to help pay the bills.


When the art director for a newspaper syndicate in Cleveland offered him a job writing and illustrating his own detective strip in the late 1930s, Hamm was torn between his dream of having his own strip and his sacred calling to the ministry. After a prayer walk along Lake Erie and consulting with his bride of only a few months, Dorisnel, he resigned from the funny papers to come to Baylor to study theology.


It took Hamm 13 years to get his degree because of interruptions for military service and other factors. He taught cartooning and caricature during the 1942 winter semester. He drew for the Baylor Round-Up yearbook from 1945 through 1948. After graduation in 1948, he taught commercial art classes at Baylor and later served as the art departments interim chairman.


The minister-in-training was known for giving chalk talks, or illustrated sermons, at Waco area churches throughout the 1940s and �50s. Hamm realized that combining preaching with illustrating was his ministry.


Expanding his reach 
In the 1960s, he and his wife founded the syndicate Religious Drawings Inc. in Dallas to distribute his inspirational artwork to newspapers around the globe. At one point, his cartoons reached a congregation of 29 million readers a week.


He also founded The Jack Hamm Show, one of the first TV art programs, which aired in the Dallas, Houston and Waco markets. Hamm also was an editorial cartoonist for the periodical The Baptist Standard, and was instructor and artist-in-residence at Dallas Baptist College.


The cartoonist wrote and illustrated more than 25 books, some of which are still in print today. Some of his instructional art books, such as Drawing the Head and Figure, Cartooning the Head and Figure, Drawing Scenery and How to Draw Animals, are considered to be classics in the field.

Hamm died in 1996 at age 80. 


Several years ago I contacted Mr. Hamm and asked for copies of his work. He sent hundreds of Christian graphics for my use.

After seeing the quality of the biblical messages included in these graphics, I asked Mr. Hamm if I could scan the graphics and make them available online. Mr. Hamm gave permission and stated his desire that these graphics be used free of charge to all who would use them to further the gospel. I have placed examples on this page. Files are listed below for you to download.

1 John 4:10

A Building Fitly Framed

A Good Question

A Thinker's Reaction



Alcohol & Crime

All Sufficient Christ

America's Great Churches

An Urgent Appeal by our Creator

Anchor in Storm


Any of these on our list of sins

Apartheid - Lev 25-17


Appreciation knows no Season


Atheist Hate God's Word

Be Strong and of Good Courage

Beauty of Holiness


Beer is a Killer


Best Policy in any phase of Life

Be Strong and of Good Courage

Bible- Revered through the Centuries

Bible, Who Wrote It?

Boldly Come

Bonds of Prayer

Book of Counsel


Break from the Old Order

Brothers in Christ -Racial Equality

Burning the Candle at Both Ends

By Faith

Call to Worship

Caught Between Stress and

Causes the Soul to Sing

Celestial Horizons


Christ-Dividing line of History





Commitment for the Future

Comparison of Places, One Day in Your Courts


Contemplation On Space

Continual Triumph

Concerning Inner Destruction


Conqueror of Death

Consider Great Things

Created and Spoken Energies

Creation vs. Evolution


Delight Thyself in the Lord

Different Destinies

Divine Affirmation

Divine Guarantee

Divine Mandate

DL Moody Portrait

Dr. Wernher von Braun speaks on Evolution

Effectual Fervent Prayer



Eternal Purpose

Eternity The Stakes are High

Everlasting Example

Evolutionists are Baffled


Extent of His Care


Faith or Failure

Family Happiness Formula

Father and Son Walk


Fellowship Yields Returns


From A to Z

Froth of Life


Garden of Eden

Getting into the Great Book

Global Announcement

Global Great Commission


God be Merciful

God Created

God Denounces Astrology

God is not the author of confusion

Godless Evolution VS Creation Evidence Insect Wings

God's Appraisal of Pastors

God's Corrective Scalpel

God's Creation

God's Flashing Light

God's Great Strength

God's Promises are True

God's Thoughts Worth Thinking

God's Unusual Evaluation

Gods Word

God Who Neither Slumbers or Sleeps

Good Advice to Young people

Great Conqueror of Death

Great Non Variable, Thy Word

Great Conqueror of Death



H Bomb

Hands of Influence

Happy are God's People

Happy Hearers


He Gave New Direction

He Had Compassion

Heard even a Whisper


Heart Failure

Herein is Love

Homosexuals & Lesbians

Honoring Praying Mothers


How are We Like God

I Will Answer You

If I be Lifted Up


In Company with God's Laws

In Him a Oneness

Inner Peace

Inseparable Love

Inseparable The Word

Intertwined Lives

In the Midst of the Tempest

In Company with God's Laws

Inevitable upswing in the circle of God's love

In Him a Oneness

Inner Peace

Inseparable Love

Invisible Bond-Prayer

Jesus' Example Praying

John 20 Vision

John Wesley Testimony

Just as We Are


Ladder to the understanding of God

Lay not Up Treasures


Legalized Gambling

Let Him Deny Himself

Liberty & Light

Lincoln Appraises Washington's God


Lincoln's Inaugural Address


Listen God is Speaking

Living Loaf

Looking Unto Jesus

Lord Teach Us To Pray

Love Divine, Wesley

Love Securely Inseparable

Low Approach to Highest Summit

Magnetic Man



Marvel of the Ages-God's Love

Mat 28:18

May the Book remain in Hand

Meditation of Him

Mom's Love

Most needed Lifeline

Most Penetrating of all Writings

Name to be reckoned With

Need of a Sin Cursed World

New Creation

No Make Believe Drama

No Turning Back

Now as Then

Now No Condemnation

Observation Still True

One God and Mediator

Only Divine Shoulders Could bear It

Only Effective Vaccine

Open or Closed

Operating Frameworks

Our Tensions

Overruling Fact-Divine Design

Page after Page, All Scripture

Paul Brinkley


Perfect Peace

Permeating Personality

Personal Concern

Poignant Comparison


Powerful Hoist, God and Bible

Praise the Lord

Prayer Links- Our Bond of Strength

Prayer Needed by a Faltering World

Prayer Power of the Handicapped

Praying Mothers

Praying People

Prediction from the Christ

Prevent Cloudy Thinking

Priority of Prayer people

Progress Demands a Deeper Stroke

Public Smoking

Quiet Time

Quoting God, Continue in My Words

Range of God's Habitation-Prayer




Reflection on Distances



Regardless of the Language

Remember the Sabbath

Righteousness Refused

Safe and Lasting Investment



Self Centered Plans

Serenity - Isa. 26-3

Sex Sin

Sexual Revolution


Sign of Inward Peace

Sin takes a High Polish


So Much Depends on Hearing



Supremacy of Christ


Sweet Hour of Prayer

Teen Suicide

Thanks Be Unto God

The Bible's Advice

The Day is Fast Approaching

The Dividing Line of History

The Divine Connection

The Extent of His Care

The Father-Son Walk

The Gift of God

The Great Dependable - Good and Perfect Gift

The Great Divide of the Cross

The Greatest Triumph

The One and Only Key

The One Unlimited Reservoir

The Owner and the would be Owners

The Untapped Potential

The Way it Is

The Way Out of Confusion

The Wonders of his Works

The Worship Hour

There's a Continuing Star

There's a Garden for Today

The Way Out of Confusion

The Wonders of His Works

This is my Beloved Son

Thou Shalt Not Murder-Abortion

Through the Great Book-New Life

Thwarted Attackers

Tie That Binds

Timely Appeal

Time Inventory

Timely appeal "Save me O God"

To Be Found in Him

To This End He Was Born

Tom Landry



Unique Source

Unlimited Reservoir

Unscriptural replacement



Verse for Fathers


Walk by Faith, not Sight

Welcomed Light

Which makes more Sense?

What is your Life?

Who Wrote the Bible

Who's Concern Are We?

Why He Came!

Window of Worship

With Reference to Jesus

Wonders of His Work

World's Greatest Welcome Sign

Worldwide Invitation

Worth Pondering

Yield Yourselves to God

You can't have both: True Worship vs. False Worship

You may step into the Magnetic Field

Your Suffering God's Comfort
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